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  Fix8 systems are the manufactures and suppliers of ARTRACK, a unique picture hanging system that will make your home, office or gallery look a class above the rest.

ARTRACK is an easy Do It Yourself product, which can be found in your local store. Alternatively we have specialised staff available for larger installation projects, simply contact us for a quote.
  Griplock Technology  

Griplock Technology

The original Griplocktm suspension designed and produced in Germany is a simple and safe alternative to allen key systems. The design is based on a conical interior, sliding mechanism. Pulling your suspension hook on your suspended cable causes the hook to smoothly slide up your suspended wire, and the conical interior providing instant hanging where the hook stops, saving you time and effort.

See Griplock in Action

We have prepared a video demonstrating the strength of the GripLock mechanism.
Click here to download/view.
  Artrack Product Range  

Our Range

Our Artrack hanging system combines the latest stylish components to separate your hanging space from the others. Our extruded track will help create a clean crisp look, with the option of Nylon or Stainless hanging cable.

Our hanging sets comprise of 1.5-3.0 metre lengths,
with items suspended by a gripper hook or counter-sunk picture mount.
Picture Hook Picture Mount Nylon Cable with Sliding Hook
1.5mm Cable Artrack Extrusion 1.8mm Cable
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