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  Clips are used to fasten electrical cable to suspended cable giving you a clean and tidy look to your electrical suspensions. Clips are available in 2 sizes, in clear, black, white and grey.  


For power cord 6,0 - 8,0 mm and steel cable 1,0 - 1,6 mm

German registered design: 400 04 183.9
1 Cable Clip
>Flex Standard<

white 029.005.123

2 Cable Clip
>Flex Standard<

black 029.005.124
3 Cable Clip
>Flex Standard<

transparent 029.005.249

4 Cable Clip
>Flex Standard<


Being Prepared

5 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

white 029.006.590

6 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

black 029.006.592
7 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

transparent 029.006.594
8 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

grey 029.006.593

9 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus small<

white 029.006.598
10 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus small <

black 029.006.595
11 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus small <

transparent 029.006.597
12 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus small <

grey 029.006.596
13 Track Clip with latch
ø 6,5mm, white

Standard 029.005.243


14 Track Clip with bolt

white Professionel 029.006.027


15 Track Clip with bolt

white Premium 029.005.135


16 T-Bar clip with bore
ø 4,0mm 029.005.579
For T- profile tracks, width 24mm
Breaking strength: 25kg
Track width : 24mm
Bore diameter: 4mm
Depth: 18mm

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