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  Cable couplers are a hardware that accepts molded stop ends of cables. Used for cross suspension, assisting to secure a suspended object.  

1 Coupler
M8i/M4i crossbore 4,5 o.R. 029.005.021

2 Coupler
M8i crossbore 4.0mm o.R. 029.005.028
3 Coupler
M8i crossbore 4.5mm o.R. 029.005.034

4 Y - Coupler
M8ix6.5 slit 2.4mm 029.005.035

5 Coupler
M8i / M4x8a m.R. 029.005.029

6 Coupler
M8i/M6i crossbore.
slit 2mm o.R. 029.005.036
7 Y-coupler
M8ix6.5 crossbore. 2.4 029.005.038
8 Patent - coupler
M8a/M5i m.R. 029.005.042
no knurl : 029.005.041

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