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Multi Cable Suspensions

  If suspending a large cumbersome item, multi cable suspension points are what you need. We offer three or four point multi cable assembly, either using a single point ceiling attachment or from a cable glider suspended on a single point ceiling attachment.  
Use with cables ø: 1,0mm - 1,5mm
1 Triple ceiling attachment
Length: 17mm
Diameter: 13mm 193.000.095

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2 Quadruple ceiling attachment
Length:17 mm
Diameter: 13mm 193.000.097

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3 Triple cable suspension
with cable glider type 18
ZW M10x1

Length: 44mm
Diameter: 13mm 193.000.367

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4 Quadruple cable suspension with cable glider type 18
ZW M10x1

Length:44 mm
Diameter: 13mm 193.000.366

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5 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

white 029.006.590

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6 Cable Clip
>Flex Plus big <

black 029.006.592

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