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  Fix8 are continuously researching and designing new products to add to our ever-expanding collection of quality products.

Compact. Strong. Flexible.
1 Cable glider type 15 ZW M6, m.R. 193.002.737
Diameter: 9mm
Length: 30mm

2 Cable glider type 30 SVHook 193.006.526
Length: 58mm
Hook´s opening: 13mm

3 Cable glider type 20 Hook >PA<, nickel plated for nylon - wire ø 2,0mm 193.001.606
Diameter: 11mm
Length: 39 mm
Outer diameter: 22mm
Inner diameter: 12mm
Hook´s opening : 6mm
Breaking strength: 500N

4 Flex-track-mounting-part Cylinder ø 13mm, nickel plated For cable ø 1,0mm - 2,5mm 193.006.410
Diameter: 13mm
Thread: M10x1
Wrench opening: 10mm
Length: 15mm
Cable bore: ø 2,9mm




5 Cable glider type 20 Bo4 >Spoke<, nickel plated for steel-spoke ø 2,0mm 193.001.584
Width x Depth: 10mm x 10mm
Bore-Diameter: 4.2mm
Length: 36mm
Breaking strength: 1800N



6 Flex-track-mounting-part Ellipse, nickel plated
For cable ø 1,0mm - 2,5mm 193.006.412
Diameter: 14mm
Thread: M10x1
Wrench opening: 10mm
Length: 40mm
Cable bore: ø 2,9mm

7 Flex-track-mounting-part Cone, nickel plated For cable ø 1,0mm - 2,5mm 193.006.413
Diameter: 20mm
Thread: M10x1
Wrench opening: 10mm
Length: 29mm
Cable bore: ø 2,9mm

8 Flex-track-mounting-part Zylinder, nickel plated. For cable ø 1,0mm - 2,5mm 193.006.414
Diameter: 20mm
Thread: M10x1
Wrench opening: 10mm
Length: 31mm
Cable bore: ø 2,9mm


9 Shelf-holder type 15 >Hemisphere 100<, nickel plated For shelfs and glass-plates 193.006.411
Diameter of sphere: 20mm
Shelf´s thickness : 10mm -12mm
Shelf´s bore: ø 10,5mm
10 Combination of cable glider type 10 M6x8 and drive-in nut M6x18x20 193.006.383
Thread: M6
Length: 20mm
Drive-in depth : 18mm
Bore for drive-in nut: ø 7mm
11 Spring tensioner M13x1, nickel plated Up to cable ø 2,0mm 193.006.415
Collar´s diameter: 20mm Diameter: 16mm
Length: 36mm
Thread: M6

12 Tensioner M6, for
elastic materials
Cable ø 1,5mm 193.001.896
Diameter: 9mm
Length: 54mm
Grip´s width : 40mm

13 T-Bar clip with bore ø 4,0mm 029.005.579
For T- profile tracks, width 24mm
Breaking strength: 25kg
Track width : 24mm
Bore diameter: 4mm
Depth: 18mm
14 Combination of Cable glider type 15 ZW M4i oR, set screw M4x10, with groove-nut M4 193.001.859
Diameter: 9mm
Length: 29mm
Thread: M4
Groove nut (LxBxH): 20x11x3
15 Display glider type 15 >Frontal 105< For displays of 6-10mm thickness, nickel plated 193.006.390
Diameter: 16mm
Length: 30mm
Slit´s width : 10,5mm
Thread: M4i

16 Combination of Cable glidertype 18, with flag balast, nickel plated 193.005.988
Thread: M5 ø flag balast: 35mm
Height: 70mm
Weight: 500g

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