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Cable Gliders - Type 30

For cable diameter 2,0mm - 3,0mm

(for the use with different diameters, ask for advice!)
Use with cables :
Galvanized steel cable 7x7, DIN EN 12385-4, 2300N/mm²
Diameter: 2,0mm - 3,0mm
Stainless steel cable 7x7, DIN EN 12385-4, 1570N/mm²
Diameter: 2,0mm - 3,0mm
working load (opens new window)

TÜV - certified

Z1A 04 03 14 229 011

1 Cable glider type 30V m.R. with cap fork 193.000.290Length: 88mmDiameter 15mm 2 Cable glider type 30 V B 18 193.000.299Length: 31 mmDiameter 15mmCollar Diameter 18mmCollar height: 2mm:
3 Cable glider type 30V M8 m.R. 193.000.301Diameter 15mmThread: M8Thread length: 8mm Length: 37mmAdditional threadsM10, 193.000.302M10x1, 193.000.303M12, 193.000.300M13x1: 193.000.307 This glider with six-ball-mechanism:M8, 193.000.308M10, 193.000.326M10x1; 193.000.325M12, 193.000.305M13x1: 193.000.328



4 Cable glider type 30V ZW M6i 193.000.310Durchmesser: 15mmGewinde: M6Gewindetiefe: 8mmGesamtlänge: 53 mmAdditional threads M8i, 193.000.315This glider with six-ball-mechanism:M6i, 193.000.311M8i, 193.000.330




5 Cable glider type 30V Ring 193.000.316Diameter 15mmRing outer diameter: 40mm Ring inner diameter :28mm Length: 62mm This glider with six-ball-mechanism: 193.000.318

6 Cable glider type 30V ZW M8i 193.000.347Durchmesser: 15mmThread: M8iThread depth : 8mmLength: 53 mmThis glider with six-ball-mechanism:M8i, 193.000.346
7 Bar - glider >Type 30 Side 105<
for Displays up to 6 - 10 mm. for bars ø 3,0mm.
German registered utility model20 2005 002 707.3 193.001.070Diameter: 15mmLength: 50mmfor Displays up to 2 - 6 193.001.071
8 Cable glider type 30V M8, 193.006.048Diameter: 15mmThread: M8Lenght of thread: 8mmLength: 37 mm
9 Cable glider type 30 VZW
for Y - suspensions 193.000.317Diameter: 15mmLength: 52mmThis glider with six-ball-mechanism:Art.Nr.:193.000.331
10 Cable glider type 30 193.006.526Length: 58mmHook´s opening: 13mm
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